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The Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OUSD R&E) inspired by DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge is kicking off a series of challenges to tackle some of the hardest shared challenges public, private and academic sectors face via “micro-challenges”. The goals of these “micro-challenges” are to produce a community contributed set of forensic tools or unique data sets that can be transitioned back into one’s day job, academic research, etc…

Battle of The Bots Overview

Battle of The Bots (BOTB) is a reverse engineering and capability development competition where competitors are tasked with identifying and exploiting custom and known vulnerabilities in a variety of services. Competitors must then use the capabilities and exploits they have developed to gain access and pivot through branching networks that comprise a “map.”

Building Micro-CGC Events

The Micro-CGC team wanted to publish a “lessons learned” document to help fellow CTF event planners. For a comprehensive breakdown on everything from “what’s a good challenge” to vulnerability scanning the CTF environment itself, take a look here.

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